Description of resources

A few notes on the resources on this site and how to access them.

The data associated with each post is presented as a PDF in a download link.  Information from burial grounds, census returns and substitutes form the bulk of the information. There are also a number of photographic records.

Burial records.

The headstones in each graveyard were photographed and the data subsequently extracted. Each plot and individual was given a sequential number and the data entered into a  spreadsheet. There are two spreadsheets for each cemetery. The first sheet is sorted by plot number. The second sheet is sorted by second name. It was decided not to make a direct transcription of the headstone as this would be a very time consuming exercise and would not be as search friendly as a spreadsheet.

Relationships are noted as per the headstone inscription. The abbreviations used for relationship are h: husband w: wife s: son d: daughter b: brother si: sister gf: grandfather gm: grandmother gs: grandson gd: granddaughter